Postal Service Exam 473

Postal Service employees deliver billions of mail items each day and providing the service to all Americans. Related skills and abilities are needed to provide this service. Checking addresses, sorting, and delivering mail are essential to move big volume of mail quickly and accurately. The Postal exam 473 identifies individuals with the right job-related experience, abilities, and personal characteristics.

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Our our free USPS 473 sample PDF contains simulated questions of the 473 exam. We have included some sample questions below to help get a better idea of the questions and answers which are included in our PDF guide and real test.

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What is included in the Postal Service Exam 473?

In the actual test, the you will receive instructions for completing each part. You must work on one
part of test at a time. If you finish a part of the test before time is called, you are not allowed to
proceed to another part of the test or return to a part of the test you previously completed.

What parts are included in the Postal Exam?

The table below describes the different parts of the test, Duration for completion of each part, number of
items, and subjects covered.

Part Part Description Number of items Time allowed Subject covered
A Address Checking 60 11 Min Determine whether two addresses are the same.
B Forms Completion 30 15 Min Identify information for correctly completing forms.
C Section 1 — Coding 36 6 Min Identify the correct code to assign for an address.
C Section 2 — Memory 36 7 Min Memorize codes to be assigned to a range of addresses.
D Personal Characteristics and Experience Inventory 236 90 Min Tendencies toward job-related characteristics and experience.
Compare the address and zip code given to the correct address and zip code and determine what error, if any, is present.

Correct Address Address to be Checked
224 Crestacre Ave
Tyler, TX
75304-7723 224 Crestacre Pk.
Tyler, TX

Chose one of the answers:

  1. No Errors
  2. Address Error Only
  3. Zip Code Error Only
  4. Both

The Correct answer is 2

What is the qualifying Postal 473 score?

You will need a minimum score of 70. The acceptable test scores basic rating ranges from 70 to 100. Veterans’ Preference Act of 1944 requirements may add points to the basic rating.

Forms Completion

Mr. Green would like to pick up his mail on January 12, 2019. Where would he indicate that with a check mark?

Please select:

  1. 5b
  2. 6
  3. 5a
  4. d14

Box 5b indicates that the customer would like to pick up her mail when she returns.

What happens when I qualify?

A passing score on the Postal test qualifies you to continue in the hiring process but does not guarantee employment with the Postal Service. If you qualify, you will be listed on an entrance register — a resource to help us consider applicants for vacant positions. Your name appears on the register with other applicants who passed the test. Disabled veterans with passing scores are listed at the top of the register ahead of other applicants who passed the exam by law.

Use this Code Guide and assign each address a Delivery Route:

Address Delivery Route
1745 – 2199 Camden Way
1075 – 3000 Glenshaw St.
200 – 500 Flanders Blvd.
501 – 855 Flanders Blvd.
2200 – 2550 Camden Way
3001 – 4500 Glenshaw St.
14 – 275 Samuels Rd.
1300 – 1625 55th St.
Mail that does not fit into
the address ranges listed above.

■ What is the Delivery Route code for: 2585 Glenshaw St.?

The correct answer is A

■ What is the Delivery Route code for: 1635 55th St.?

The correct answer is D